Keep Our Park Clean

Junior Rangers, it’s up to you to keep our National Park clean! And, it starts in your own neighborhood!

Be a part of the Blackstone River Valley’s Trash Responsibly program.

fun day of beautifying Upton

(n) stuff you don’t want anymore.
(v) what you do with the stuff you don’t want anymore, i.e. throw away.

(adv) taking positive action to do the right thing, i.e. not litter but reduce, reuse, and recycle.

The trash that people drop all around the ground is an eyesore. Worse, it can be harmful to children, animals, and the rest of the environment. If you see some trash on the ground around your neighborhood, don’t assume someone else will take care of it. Be proactive in taking care of where you live:

GearHeads' Neighborhood Clean-up

  • Consider having a clean-up day where you and your friends go around your block and pick up trash.
  • Pay attention to lawns, bushes, sidewalks, and storm drains. This is where most trash tends to collect.
  • Bring a plastic bag and tuck it into your pack every time you go decide to hike. If you have a dog, make it a habit to just grab an extra bag on your way out.
  • Use sticks and branches to assist you in picking up trash that you don’t want to touch or if you made snacks in a sandwich bags, use those as makeshift “gloves.”
  • We don’t pick up items like syringes or weapons. If you see one, be sure to report it to an adult, ranger or park official.
  • Challenge your friends to a trash pick-up competition. See who can collect the most trash during your hike.

See the GearHeads Neighborhood Cleanup Guide.

To learn about storm drains, visit the MA Water Resource Authority.

To learn about recycling, visit: US Environmental Protection Agency.