Build a Model of the Lady Carrington

The 45-mile Blackstone Canal connected the inland town of Worcester, MA with the seacoast port of Providence, RI. Over the course of its 20-year history, the canal helped to spur commerce, industrial development, and immigration through the Blackstone River Valley. The Canal was in operationBlackstone Canal Packet Boat from 1828 to 1848

Although the Blackstone Canal was primarily used for shipping, there was one packet or passenger boat, the Lady Carrington. She was named after Loriana Carrington, the wife of one of the principle investors of the canal, Edward Carrington.

In 2014, the Blackstone River National Historical Park was created; celebrating the Blackstone River Valley as the Birthplace of the American Industrial Revolution.

Our model of the Lady Carrington was created for us by Matt Bergstrom – Wurlington Press.

Download the Lady Carrington Packet Boat