Black Bear

Critters of the Blackstone River Valley

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The Black Bear is one of the biggest animals in the Blackstone Valley. An adult can be 6 feet tall and weigh anywhere from 200-600 pounds! It is a forest critter, but sometimes we see it in our neighborhoods. They visit because the forests are getting smaller, forcing the Black Bears into places where people live.Blacky

In the summer, mother bears push their teenagers out on their own to forage for food. The young bears think it’s easier to get seeds from people’s bird feeders or dog food from dishes left outdoors on a porch than to go to a stream and catch a fish! Their moms also taught them to eat their vegetables – like pinecones, berries, and roots.

Black Bears are not always black – they can be various shades of brown from mahogany to cinnamon. They are wild, dangerous animals and you should always stay away from them.

Bear Tracks